Lighting Solution Could Be Your Shield Against Farm Pests!

Lighting Solution Could Be Your Shield Against Farm Pests!

Bugs like flies, cockroaches, spiders, and mosquitoes are drawn to dairy settings due to things like manure and moisture. Managing these insects involves using chemicals, removing manure quickly, using traps or molasses, and controlling lighting and water to reduce attraction.
Improving cow sleep means better insect control, which keeps their environment clean. Similar to a baby's bedtime routine, cows benefit from the right lighting, comfy bedding, nighttime feeding for daytime calving, and a clean space, boosting their productivity and your farm's profits.

Integrating dim lighting, especially in conjunction with the Usonic 16 Hours White Light + 8 Hours Red Lighting cycle, significantly aids in insect control. Dimmer lights attract fewer insects compared to brighter ones. This setup not only ensures cow comfort but also minimizes insect attraction, creating a more pleasant environment for both the animals and farm workers.

It's a win-win situation that promotes better sleep for cows and reduces the insect population, enhancing overall hygiene and productivity on the farm. Give it a try and share your feedback below!

Good night, and here's to sweet dreams for your cows!

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