Night Simulator Fixture

Alternating red/white fixtures controlled by external timer simulating night and day events To Make Better Cow Health.

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Better Cow Health

Night simulator fixtures can help reduce stress on cows by mimicking natural daylight, which can have a positive impact on their overall health. This can lead to a decrease in health issues like mastitis and lameness.

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Improved Milk Production

Research has shown that cows exposed to a more natural light cycle tend to produce more milk. Night simulator fixtures can help maintain a consistent light cycle and promote better milk production.

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Increased Cow Comfort

Night simulator fixtures can help create a more natural and comfortable environment for cows. This can lead to improved cow behavior and reduce aggressive or abnormal behavior.

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Improved Reproduction

Exposure to a consistent light cycle can also have a positive impact on cow reproductive performance. Studies have shown that cows exposed to a night simulator lighting system have improved estrus synchronization and conception rates. The night simulator lighting system is designed to provide cows with a consistent 16 hours of light and 8 hours of simulate darkness, which can help regulate their estrus cycles and improve their reproductive performance.

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Safety For Workers

Safety is a huge concern in most workplaces.
Night simulator fixtures were designed to dim down versus turning off completely, giving workers enough light to still do their job and avoid safety concerns.

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Energy Savings

Night simulator fixtures can be energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting systems. They can be programmed to provide light only when needed, which can help reduce energy consumption and costs. Please contact your local Energy Company for more accurate rating.

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The RED/WHITE FIXTURE 2 in 1 reducing the wattage from 150W to the reduced wattage 80w presenting the opportunity for energy savings 0.56kwh per Fixture per Day.

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100 Fixtures could save $11,610 in 5 Years bill IN AVERAGE

  • Dairy Barn with White LED Fixtures on to simulate day time

  • Dairy Barn with Red LED Fixtures on to simulate night time

  • The environment effect of single White fixture

  • The environment effect of single Red fixture

  • White light for Single Night Simulator Fixture

  • Red Light for Single Night Simulator Fixture


1.Screw the provided lifting ring clockwise into the UFO High Bay fixture.

2.Secure the Fixture with a safety cable(Not included) to prevent it from falling.

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Made from a durable aluminum alloy housing,the enhanced thermal management of our LED High Bay wicks away heat via the heat sink’s convection that exchange with ambient air.

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Durable High Bay is Shock and shatter resistant with a waterproof IP65 provides reliable,bright lightand can withstand temperature extremes(-22 ℉ to 122℉).

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LED-WHITE 120/277-150 / LED-WHITE 480-150



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