How Does Lighting Helps Reduce Cows' Stress For Peaceful Rest?

How Does Lighting Helps Reduce Cows' Stress For Peaceful Rest?

For cows, sleep serves multiple functions, much like it does in humans. However, their sleep patterns are considerably shorter. According to studies, dairy cows sleep for about 3-4 hours per day, with only around 30 minutes of this in REM sleep. Like humans, cows also undergo different phases of sleep that contribute to their health and productivity.

Providing cows with a night light during their sleeping hours has shown benefits by enhancing their metabolism and milk production. Specifically, a red night light aids in maintaining crucial melatonin levels, thereby improving the quality of their sleep.

Usonic Night Simulator Fixture provides soft red lighting for cows at night which aims to reducing stress among cows and ensure they experience peaceful and restful sleep.

Comprising a sequence of LED lights, Usonic technology emulates daylight with white illumination and transitions to red light, simulating nighttime conditions. It's crucial for dairy farmers to fostering a comfortable, health lighting environment for their cows.

Specifications are as follows:

🌟 Brightness: Red 3953 Lm / White 25353 Lm
🎨 Light Color: Red 630nm / White 5000k
🔦 Beam Angle: 82.9°
💡 Wattage: Red 80W / White 150W
🔌 Voltage: 120-277V / 480V
⏳ Lifespan: 50,000 Hours


  • Improve milk production
  • Enhance cows’ health
  • Prevent insects
  • Ease cows tension at night
  • Enhance cows’ fertility
  • Provide safe working environment for staff at night

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