Good Lighting Can Change How Cows Feel

Good Lighting Can Change How Cows Feel

Good lighting can change how we feel. Just like how a sunny day cheers us up after lots of cloudy days, light affects cows too. When cows get more light, they produce more milk. Research shows that giving cows light level of 150-200 lux for 16-18 hours per day can make them give two extra liters of milk each day compared to normal daylight.

Cows also need some dark time to rest, but not complete darkness. Keeping a little bit of light, like 30 lux, helps cows feel better and avoid of stress. Light from above is better because it stops scary shadows, especially if there's machinery around.

In different seasons, the amount of natural light changes. Places where cows walk and gather also need enough light to keep them safe. Experts can quickly check the light levels on a farm and give advice on how to make it better. They can even give results on the same day and suggest ways to add more light if needed.

Usonic 16 Hours White Light + 8 Hours Red Lighting circle mimics nature's cycle. Hung at a comfortable height, these lights are calming for cows and workers without causing stress. focusing on cow comfort while aiding nighttime work for farmers, they last for 50,000 hours, making them a durable choice for consistent and cow-friendly lighting.


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