Do Cows Need Beauty Sleep?

Do Cows Need Beauty Sleep?

Studies suggest that cows sleep for 4 hours a day and spend about 8 hours a day just chilling. Adult cows also sleep in tiny intervals spread over the entire day.

When a cow is fully awake, her head is away from the ground, lifted and supported by the neck. Then there's a second position. Where the cow’s head will look as though she is awake but will be completely motionless. And lastly, the third position, where the cow's head is either resting on the body or the ground. Now she is fully asleep.

To do this, farmers must ensure that stalls are available with a stall size that is big enough for cows to either rest their heads in front or curled into their bodies. Cows need their beauty sleep. This is when their bodies build immunity. If cows are sleep deprived it causes a lot of physiological effects like increased metabolic activity, a negative balance of energy, reduced immunity and increased rates of mortality.

When cows are sleeping at night they benefit from a night light, which improves their metabolism and milk production. Especially for a red night light that help them sustains essential melatonin levels and improve their sleeping quality. 

Usonic's 16 Hours White Light + 8 Hours Red Light Simulator help farmer create a comfortable lighting environment for cows.

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