Dairy Cows' Routines and Lighting Tricks

Dairy Cows' Routines and Lighting Tricks

On a farm, cows really like doing the same things every day. They thrive on having a routine. But when time changes, like when we spring forward or fall back for Daylight Saving Time, cows get affected the most.

While many of us adjust our clocks, some smart farmers don't change the time for their cows. They know how much cows prefer sticking to their usual schedule.

To help cows deal with these time changes, there's this cool thing called the Usonic 16 Hours White Light + 8 Hours Red Light Simulator Fixture. It sets up a regular pattern of 16 hours of bright white light followed by 8 hours of red light.

This trick helps farmers keep things consistent for their cows without needing to change their own schedules. So, even when time shifts, cows can still stick to their familiar routine, making them happier and more comfortable.


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